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Barn Founder and Owner

Krystal's first love was Copper, the horse that started it all when Krystal was seven years old. She knows that every equestrian has that one horse or that one moment, that solidifies how we incorporate this passion into our lives forever.  As a child, Krystal was a member of 4-H and grew up showing Hunter/Jumpers but even today, doesn't pass up the chance to learn or head to a show or even have some fun at a Western Gaming fun show.  But, her top priority is being available to her boarders and their horses, so her own schedule consists of coordinating events for her young riders, a lot of shoveling, and enjoying "raising her kids in a barn" where she and her husband instill the importance of hard work and taking pride in what is truly Krystal's dream come true, made that much brighter by sharing it with her Stride Away family!

Stride Away Stables

One Dream and Endless Determination Builds Amazing Realities.

Stride Away Stables may have celebrated its official opening in 2016, but our story began with a dream nearly 3 decades in the making! Barn Founder and Owner, Krystal, began her life-long love affair with horses at an early age and if you know "horse people", you know that its a love that never fades.  The mission from Day One was to provide not just a family-friendly barn, but to actually offer a sense of family in a world where sometimes only a four-legged friend weighing 1,000lbs can lighten our burdens.  Love of all things equine and proper care of horses paired with insisting upon the best safe-practice for riders creates a peaceful equestrian experience for all ages. 

Situated on 33 acres of rolling hills in rural Indiana County, PA,

the barn site was chosen carefully and we had the difficult but gratifying experience of nailing each board and polishing each stall latch with our own hands, alongside a growing group of supporters who, in the middle of winter, showed the kindness and work ethic that horse lovers are known for.. It was that compassion that created and warmed the very heart of Stride Away Stables.


 When you walk through our doors,

you just know it was a labor of love,

and our horses know too!


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