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Full-Care and Fully-Customized Boarding Services

Stride Away Stables takes great pride in taking the best care possible of your beloved behooved friend!  We set a high standard of care and want each boarded horse to receive the very best, which is why our definition of

Full-Care here at Stride Away Stables includes far more than you may expect, with very few services being charged separately.  

Included in Monthly Board, your horse will enjoy:

  • Quality Hay fed based upon Horse Requirements, Not Rations.

  • Customized Grain Feeding (Not a "One Grain Fits All" approach).

  • Daily Turnout, Weather Permitting.

  • Basic First Aid

  • Medication/Supplement Administration

  • Blanketing

  • Daily Stall Cleaning

  • Roomy Stalls with Fresh Bedding

  • A Natural Horsemanship Approach to Proper, Safe Care

  • "Barnmates" who have been vaccinated for communicable diseases 

  • Wellness Program Coordinated by Barn Owner and local Veterinary Clinic (Boarder pays all Vet Care)

  • Immediate contact at first sight of injury or concern

Click on the link Below to view/print the available documents. 

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