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A Space to Learn, Laugh, and Excel 

At Stride Away Stables, we believe in continuously learning and improving, not only as riders, but as a family of equestrians with a common goal: Provide exceptional care in a hassle-free environment while enjoying and respecting a clean, friendly facility. You will find easy access to equipment, tack areas, arenas, emergency supplies, and information such as vet schedules, farrier appointments, and feed charts.  We believe in maintaining our humble roots while also enjoying some great amenities. Our no-frills-needed approach ensures a comfortable space without being uptight!  After all, we are all here to have fun! 

By opening wide the door of our hearts,

we can broaden our horizons. 

Indoor Arena

You will find our sand-footing indoor arena conveniently attached to our barn, making winter riding more comfortable and providing a space for special events and a perfect place for therapeutic, temporary "turn out" for horses transitioning from stall rest.  

Outdoor Arena

On any given day, you may find our versatile outdoor arena being used for a number of disciplines.  A stadium jumper may be counting strides over a brightly painted oxer.  An eventer may be practicing his dressage pattern before hitting the trails.  A Western gamer may be setting her stop watch before running some barrels.  

Trail Riding

Our facility sits upon 33 acres of beautiful land for your use.  We also enjoy very generous neighbors who have granted trail riding access and careful local drivers who are accustomed to keeping an eye out for horse-crossing.  

Trail Riding

We welcome all equestrians who place safety of themselves, our barn family, and their horse ahead of placings in a show ring. 

Whether enjoying our arenas, trails, off-site show grounds, or a day spent building jumps together, Stride Away Stables prides itself on safe, effective stable management and embracing a supportive atmosphere where safety and learning are key.

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