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Welsh Pony

Tons of fun for our "littles"! Dakota has proven himself as a beautiful walk/trot teacher in the English discipline but is compact and steady enough on his feet to teach future gamers. Our old man doesn't get used as much as he is aging, but he continues to be a valuable teacher. 


Registered Pinto

Appreciates new riders who like to take it easy but has proven herself to be capable of advanced jumpers, hunter pace, gaming fun shows, and hunter jumper equitation classes.  Very adaptable and communicates with her rider. 

Meet Our Lesson Horses & Ponies

We make every effort to match our students with a Lesson Horse or Pony that will not only encourage learning and safety but also offer just enough of a challenge to grow as a rider! We also believe that utilizing several different horses helps to teach a rider consistently good skills. Our lesson horses are primarily owned or leased by Stride Away Stables.  In a few cases, we are permitted to utilize horses owned by boarders. No matter the situation, we treasure The Lesson Horse, a breed all their own, more loving and tolerant and patient than any other. 




Draft Cross

Tried and true lesson horse who is patient enough for the most timid riders.

Scout has been there and done that. Not only is he versatile in both English and Western Disciplines.....He also drives! Scout's owner got him as a baby and loves to share him with all of the riders at the barn. 



Appendix Quarter Horse

From the famed Rugged Lark bloodlines, Lark has the sweet temperament of her Quarter Horse genes as well as the beautiful movement and intelligence of her Thoroughbred lines. Lark requires a rider with an already developed seat and leg, but is a fantastic lesson horse for those ready to step up from advanced beginner to intermediate. 


Welsh X Connemara Pony

New to our lesson program and very

"tuned-in" to his riders, Hudson requires an intermediate rider until more miles are put on him. For intermediate children and small adults with quiet confidence, Hudson will jump the moon!  





This big boy is a barn favorite! Max is a lover of all that is edible and likes to think that he is a 1600lb dog. But he will surprise you with his athleticism and how well he will go over fences. Max loves to jump! Max loves to please and where ever you point him, he will go!  


American Paint Horse

This boy is as easy as they come. Diamond has 3 easy gaits and his canter is his most valuable. He transitions so smoothly that kids dont even hesitate to follow along. He is a great one to learn to move up on and will jump perfectly everytime. 


*On-Site Leases and Off-Site Showing Opportunities

Some of the horses introduced above may be available for an on-site lease. Details are discussed on an individual basis, but will always include a set number of days during which you will have the opportunity to experience "your own horse" without the commitment of purchasing. A schedule must be arranged however, so that the leased horse is available for scheduled lessons. Leases are On-Site only and do not include rights to remove the leased horse from Stride Away Stables. 

Off-Site showing opportunities do present themselves at Stride Away Stables for our active students.  Removing a lesson horse from the property to attend a show is to be discussed on an individual basis and opportunities to show any particular lesson horse is not guaranteed.  Any hauling, training, stabling, and show fees are the sole responsibility of the student and such fees vary depending on the show, length of time any horse or trainer is off-site to attend, and miles hauled. 

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