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Outside Trainers

On occasion, boarders may wish to take lessons from a trainer not affiliated with Stride Away Stables.  We do coordinate with some outside trainers that we think highly of and believe can benefit our boarders and students.  Prior approval and arrangements must be made with Barn Management to use the arenas for training not coordinated by Barn Manager and ALL trainers conducting instruction must carry their own liability insurance.

Beginner/Intermediate Lessons

Stride Away Stables is a firm believer in educating children and adults about not only the safe and proper way to ride, but also what it entails to care for the animals that we all love so much.


What you can expect to learn:

  • Safety Rules and Guidelines

  • Basic Equine Anatomy

  • Proper Names and Purpose of Tack 

  • Grooming and Basic Hoof Care

  • Proper Equitation Seat 

  • Importance of Whole-Body Riding

  • 3 Basic Gaits and Transitions

  • Proper Use of Aids

  • Foundation Work for Jumping

  • Intro Pattern Work & Intro to Dressage

  • Safety and Fun on the Trails

  • Discovering Where Your Love of Horses will Lead You!


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