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2017 Mini Summer Camp

2023 Summer Horse Camp

We are proud to announce our Summer Horse Camps!

The five-day camps will include everything from learning basic FUNdamentals

for our Beginners and some more intricate information and riding skills

introduced to our Intermediate/Advanced Campers!

There is a camp for every rider!


Beginner Camp- June 19-23, 2023 9am-12pm

This camp is aimed for those children that maybe have never been on a horse 

but have always wanted to or those that have ridden once or twice, but are not

comfortable enough to ride on their own. Camp ages will range from 5-12. The campers will learn how to groom, tack up, lead, and the very basics of riding. Every camper will have a  helper when they are mounted. The helper will assist them and make sure they are safe and having fun while on their horse. There will be numerous demonstrations during the week. They might get to see a farrier trim a horses hoof, or an equine dentist file teeth, or different breeds and riding styles. We make sure to plan new activities for our repeat campers so camp is never the same. Camp will also include games and crafts, which are always a favorite! 

Advanced Beginner Camp- June 19-23, 2023 1pm-4pm

This camp is aimed for our riders that have a little more experience. These children are expected to be able to assist in tacking up their horses and ride safely on their own. Campers will need to be able to walk/trot and navigate around the riding arena without assistance.  Camp ages will range from 8-14. This camp focuses more on horsemanship and continuing to develop safe riding practices and a basic riding foundation. Campers will ride everyday in addition to participating in numerous other activities. 

Intermediate Camp- August 7-11, 2023, 9am-1pm

This camp is for those riders that can walk, trot, and canter under saddle and are at least started over groundpoles. We will continue to develop on the riders independent seat, use of aids, and proper form. Campers will ride for more extended periods of time and on some days, more than one horse. Additional Instructors will be scheduled to come and assist to further develop the riders knowledge. There will be numerous educational opportunities and everyday will be an adventure. From 3 hour trail rides, to gymnastic exercises, to having fun on our cross country course......the riders never know what they will get to do next! 

Advanced Camp- July 24-28, 2023, 9am- 2pm

Advanced camp is for the students that are Walk/Trot/Cantering and started over courses. These students are expected to be fully independent and are looking to further developed their level of riding. This camp is only open to those that regularly receive lessons from the instructor at Stride Away Stables. 


Here are a few FAQ's:

Q: Is this a "sleep away" camp?  

A: No. You will need to transport your camper daily.  You are welcome to drop-off or observe quietly.

Q: What should I bring/wear?

A: Barns + Horses + Crafts + Kids + Fun = Messy!  Wear play clothes, dress for the weather, always bring shoes appropriate for riding (a boot with a heel is recommended), if you own a horseback riding helmet, bring it along. A change of clothes is often useful and if you have a picky eater, you may decide to bring a snack. A water bottle with the campers name should be sent everyday. We play hard, so they will need to stay hydrated.  

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Click on the appropriate link below to print out your registration form. Don't forget your Medical Release form! 

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