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Happy Horses Means

Happy Boarders & Students!

"As a former boarder where Krystal was Barn Manager,

I couldn't have been happier to be invited to visit Stride Away Stables and see her vision come to life! I am even happier to include my son in lessons held

at Stride Away where everyone makes him feel at home!  

I'm constantly impressed by the clean environment, Krystal's diligence, and her

sensitivity to each horse and rider at her barn!"

- Nicole C.

"My favorite part about lessons is that Krystal gives wonderful lessons and I learn something new every time! I love barn time because I get to play with my friends even when we are not riding." - Kaylee, Age 10

"We have a horse that has required constant daily attention because of a fractured pastern.  Krystal is exceptional in the care of our horse.  She is very knowledgeable and extremely trustworthy.  She treats Snookie like one of her own horses.  We are so fortunate to be part of Stride Away Stables."

- Susan H.

"Krystal's barn is always clean and they treat their horses with deep respect.  I think a lot of kids would have a lot of fun at Stride Away Stables!" - Dash, Age 10

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